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A personal farewell with flowers is the beginning of a beautiful memory.

The last time you can say something to someone. That you loved him or her. That you are proud. Or thankful. Our funeral florists are ready to help you with that. They translate your words flower by flower into a beautiful funeral bouquet or funeral arrangement. So that the goodbye, no matter how difficult that moment is, still becomes very special.


Order funeral bouquet

The Funeral Florist from Uitvaartbloemen.com deliver the funeral flowers to a location of your choice (including a church, funeral home or crematorium). So you don't have to pick up the funeral arrangement yourself from the funeral florist. Our professional florists ensure that the funeral bouquet is delivered at the right time and that the flowers are at their best.

During the online ordering process, we need some extra information to ensure that your order is delivered on time and at the right location.

Please have the following information ready when ordering:

  • Name cemetery / funeral home / crematorium
  • Name of the deceased
  • Date and time of funeral
  • Postal code and house number of the delivery location.

Do you have questions or are you unsure about something? Please contact customer service, they will be happy to assist you.

Choose funeral arrangement

As Funeral Flower Specialist we understand what this moment means to you and would like to help to provide the best possible goodbye for your lost-one. Just by making it personal. A goodbye that really suits someone.

The range of funeral flowers we divided into different styles. Based on memories and/or character traits, select a style that suits the deceased. Please know whatever style you choose,  funeral flowers at a funeral, cremation or memorial service ensures a beautiful and dignified farewell.

The funeral flower arrangements are available in various styles such as, funeral bouquet, Biedermeier funeral arrangement, funeral wreath, heart-shaped funeral arrangement or coffin covering.

Funeral bouquet with ribbon

In the Netherlands a funeral ribbon with personal text can be added to the funeral flower arrangement or funeral bouquet. It is possible to place text on the right and left slip. Would you rather not add ribbon to the funeral flowers? Then add a personal text on a special funeral card.

Do you have questions about ordering flowers for a funeral or memorial? Please contact us. We will help you immediately!

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