Special shapes

Hart of red roses

Rose, Greens/Foliage.

Hart of white roses

Rose, baby's breath, bear grass, Greens/Foliage,

Sweetheart pink Farewell

The flowers used in this arrangement will be adjusted by the season

Set of hearts

A set of hart with a combination of Dianthus and Aconithum  hand crafted by our Local Funeral Florist

Sweet heart white

Orchids, Gypsophyla, and Kalanchoe


A butterfly of flowers

Baby star

Hydrangea, Roses, Baby's breath

Verbonden rouwbloemen


Bear with little bunch of flowers

Assortment of flowers with bear

Funeral Cross of white flowers

Funeral arranged in shape of a cross made from white flowes and greens

Rouwkrans Ajour wit


Rouwkrans Ajour pink purple


Funeral wreath ajour

 Arranged in ajour style a multicolor funeral wreath

Wreath white for funeral

Wreath with white flowers for a funeral in the Netherlands 



Funeral arrangement Silence words Hart-shape

Composition:  Rosa, Gloriosa, Matrecaria

Wreath beautiful moments

Composition:  Wreath