Special shapes

Funeral Flowers - Twilight Butterfly

Twilight Butterfly Funeral arrangement with soft color tones. This arrangement is about 65 cm/25 inches long.

Flowerheart 'Lovely'

Love does not stop where life ends and this heart symbolizes that.

Flower Heart 'Eternal nature'

Made from 100% natural materials, this style will blend in with eternal nature.

Flower Star 'Great grief'

Great grief cannot be taken away, but this star has everything it takes to soften it in a personal way.

Funeral arrangement 'Set of hearts'

A set of hart with a combination of Dianthus and Aconithum  hand crafted by our Local Funeral Florist

Funeral Heart 'Sweet white'

Small heart artfully decorated with kalanchoe flowers, orchid and gypsophila.

Dim. approx 25cm

Funeral arrangement 'Pillow of flowers'

Mourning arrangement in the form of a pillow of flowers. Size approx. 30 cm

Funeral arrangement 'Silence words Hart-shape'

Sometimes silence is all that's left to feel soft tender love. This pink style translates this moment.

Funeral Flower Cross 'White Nature'

Funeral arranged in shape of a cross made from white flowers and greens.

Dim. Approx. 70cm

Funeral flowers 'Baby star'

Cute little star decorated with rose and gypsophila.

Flowers depend on the season.

Dimensions approx. 25 cm

Silent Cross Funeral arrangement

Quiet white supports the deep silence of sadness in a special form.

Size. Approx. 70cm

Flower heart 'Sweet Pink'

Pink heart of various flowers in this arrangement for a nice farewell.

Funeral Biedermeier 'Connected'

A beautiful arrangement that reflects the family connection with the deceased. This arrangement can also be adjusted in color or composition according to your personal wishes.

Funeral Flowers 'Butterfly'

A flowery butterfly of rose, gerbera, nerine, gloriosa and orchid. Composition may differ.

It is also possible to adjust the color scheme in consultation.

Dim. Approx. 60cm

Funeral Flowers 'Hart of red roses'

Losing your loved one is hard enough. With love and feeling we make a special and suitable flower heart for you.

Funeral Flowers 'Hart of white roses'

Roses, gypsophila and bear grass surround this heart shape with the center left free.

Size approx 40cm

Wunderfull beauty Bear with flowers

How tough a goodbye can be, this style makes it dignified and wonderfully beautiful.

Size bear approx. 40 cm

Funeral Flowers 'Hart of White roses'

Losing your loved one is hart breaking enough. With love and feeling we make a special and suitable flower White heart for you.

Funeral Flowers 'Hart of Pink roses'

Pink Roses, Gypsophila are forming this lovely heart full of style.

Size approx 40cm