What should I write on a Funeral card / Ribbon?

For this we have made a guide with the most used funeral ribbon texts to help you on your way.

Example text for Funeral Ribbons

What do or should i write on a Funeral card or Funeral ribbon?

That question we get ask a lot by our customers.

In the Netherlands its common to add a ribbon to a funeral bouquet, funeral piece or funeral arrangement.

Usually these are two ribbons. One ribbon is intended to give a farewell message to the deceased and the other ribbon mentions the sender (s) of the mourning bouquet.

Many people find it difficult to come up with a suitable text for ribbon. For this we have made a guide with the most used ribbon texts in The Netherlands to help you on your way.

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A final greeting
Lots of love
Rest in peace
Peace at last
Good trip
See you next time
Forever in my / our heart
Hello dear ....
I will miss you
We will miss you
I will never forget you
Words are not enough
Rest in peace (dear) ...
Given with love
With great gratitude
See you next time
Thank you (dear) ...
Thanks for everything
Thanks for all the love
Thank you for who you were
Thank you for ... happy years
For good from our midst but not from our hearts
You remain in our memory
You will always live on in our memory
Thanks for the nice time together
With sincere condolences
Given with love
To miss you, which is indispensable
We will honor your memory
You live on in our hearts
Fought to the end
How will time ever heal the wounds?
We love you
The memory remains
You were so sweet to us
The memory of you is indelible
Fighting is no longer necessary, just rest