Funeral spray dynamic

Composition: Calla, Orchids, Hydrangea, Gloriosa and green foliage

Funeral biedermeier White roses

Composition: White roses, Eupatorium and green foliage

Biedermeier soft pink roses

Composition: Soft pink roses, Eucalyptus, Gypsophylla and greens

Funeral biedermeier in Classic red

Composition: Red Roses, Hedera, Grasses and an assortment of green foliage

Funeral biedermeier spay in hot pink

Composition: Gerbera, Roses, Limonium, Dianthus

Funeral spray biedermeier Navy

composition: White roses, Aconithum, Eustoma, Gypsophylla and green foliage

Mixed roses Funeral spray

Composition: Mixed multicolored roses with greens

Verbonden rouwbloemen


Huge grief Biedermeier

Roses, Gerbera, and carnations

Hug me Biedermeier

Composition:  Roses

I miss you Funeral arrangement Biedermeier


Twilight funeral biedermeier


Endless flowers Funeral biedermeier arrangement


Eternal light Funeral biedermeier


Biedermeier beautiful moments