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Our collection of Biedermeier funeral arrangements is available in a versatile variety.

 Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, these arrangements are suitable for sending straight to a funeral. Our florists will treat your order with great care.


Funeral biedermeier spray arrangement

A Biedermeier is a funeral flower arrangement that is round and flowery. The flowers together form a compact hemisphere of flowers. Usually all flowers are the same length. You can choose between a Biedermeier of 40 or 50 cm.

Do you have specific wishes for the composition of the Funeral Biedermeier? Then have a customized Biedermeier made by our Florist.

History of the Biedermeier style

Originally from Germany and Austria, the Biedermeier style was popular in the period from about 1815 to 1848. It was an era of political and economic stability, which translated into an emerging middle class that could afford to acquire stylish furniture and interiors.

The Biedermeier style made its appearance in floral art in the 1830s. During this period, the Biedermeier style was very popular and was not only integrated into furniture and architecture, but also into floral art.

In floral art, the Biedermeier style was characterized by the use of natural materials, such as flowers and leaves, and by the emphasis on harmony and elegance. Funeral Biedermeiers became a popular choice for floral arrangements because of their round shapes and their association with comfort and eternity.

Flower arrangements in the Biedermeier style were often arranged in symmetrical and geometric arrangements, with flowers arranged in round or oval shapes. Decorative touches, such as bows and ribbons, were also used to emphasize the beauty of the floral arrangement.

To this day, Biedermeier-style floral arrangements are still used at funerals, funerals, cremations, and other occasions that require a token of sympathy and respect.

Symbolism of Funeral Biedermeiers.

  • Consolation: Funeral Biedermeiers are often given as a token of sympathy and comfort to someone grieving a loss.
  • Eternity: The circular flowers and leaves are often seen as a symbol of eternity and the immortality of the soul.
  • Memory: Funeral Biedermeiers are often used to keep the memory of a loved one alive.
  • Hope: Despite their association with grief and mourning, Funeral Biedermeiers can also be seen as a symbol of hope and expectation for the future.

Funeral biedermeier spray

Funeral Biedermeier arrangements are very suitable for a funeral. These are suitable for placing on or near the coffin of the deceased. A mourning Biedermeier arrangement has a round shape and is placed on a floral foam holder so that the flowers can absorb water and therefore the flowers remain beautiful for longer. In our range you will find rouwbiedermeiers in beautiful colors and with different types of flowers. Mourning Biedermeiers with roses, lilies or callas in white, pink or beautifully mixed colours. Add a personal message to the Funeral biedermeier on a mourning card or mourning ribbon. A mourning ribbon usually consists of two sleeves.

Funeral biedermeiers order and send

Our florists deliver the Funeral biedermeier to any desired address in the Netherlands. You can order this Funeral Biedermeier easily and securely online from us. Our professional florists make a beautiful funeral arrangement for every Funeral Biedermeier.

You can have a Funeral biedermeier delivered to the crematorium, funeral home, cemetery or to a desired home address. Funeral biedermeiers can often be delivered the same day if you order before 1 p.m.

How do I order a Funeral biedermeier spray?

We do need some extra information from you during the ordering process of the Funeral biedermeier. So keep the information below handy when ordering:

  • Name of cemetery / funeral home / crematorium
  • Name of the deceased
  • Date and time of funeral
  • Postal code and house number of the delivery location.

The local funeral florist always delivers the Funeral biedermeier to the location of your choice (including a church, funeral home or crematorium). You therefore do not have to pick up the Funeral biedermeier yourself from the florist and take it with you to the funeral. Our funeral florists ensure that the mourning flowers are delivered at the right time and that these Funeral biedermeier are at their best. You can always add a funeral ribbon sleeve with your own personal text to your order. See here when you need suggestions about what to write on a funeral ribbon or card?

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