Funeral Florist | Funeral Biedermeiers

Our collection of Biedermeier funeral arrangements is available in a versatile variety. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, these arrangements are suitable for sending straight to a funeral. Our florists will treat your order with great care.

Biedermeier funeral arrangements

A Biedermeier is a funeral flower arrangement that is round and flowery. The flowers together form a compact hemisphere of flowers. Usually all flowers are the same length. You can choose between a Biedermeier of 40 or 50 cm.

Design your own funeral biedermeier arrangement

Design a funeral arrangement by Style, price, colors and flowers of your wishes.

(The package shown is in the price range of € 130,00)

Funeral biedermeier White roses

Composition: White roses, Eupatorium and green foliage

Biedermeier soft pink roses

Composition: Soft pink roses, Eucalyptus, Gypsophylla and greens

Funeral biedermeier in Classic red

Composition: Red Roses, Hedera, Grasses and an assortment of green foliage

Funeral biedermeier spay in hot pink

Composition: Gerbera, Roses, Limonium, Dianthus

Funeral spray biedermeier Navy

composition: White roses, Aconithum, Eustoma, Gypsophylla and green foliage

Mixed roses Funeral spray

Composition: Mixed multicolored roses with greens

Verbonden rouwbloemen


Huge grief Biedermeier

Roses, Gerbera, and carnations

Hug me Biedermeier


Funeral Spray Biedermeier I miss you

The feeling of being missed is not just gone and always stays. This Biedermeier style supports that feeling and shows it. Because you can. Cared for and delivered by the Local Fleurop Florist

Twilight funeral biedermeier


Funeral Biedermeier Endless soft colors

This style features the gentle tender love that remains infinitely large. A nice mourning arrangement for a worthy goodbye.

Eternal light Funeral biedermeier


Biedermeier beautiful moments


Farewell Funeral arrangement biedermeier


Thankful Funeral Biedermeier arrangement


Farewell Funeral Biedermeier arrangement


Frivolous white Roses funeral biedermeier

Composition: White roses, Veronica, Eustoma, and greens