Funeral Sprays in Oval and Teardrop shape

An oval or drop shaped mourning flower arrangement delivered by the local Fleurop florist.

Classic funeral arrangements almost always look very flowery, full and compact. The most commonly used shape is a Tear Drop shape. The choice of flower is usually based on one main flower type, supplemented with only a few additional materials - usually in a warm color or white tones - that is combined with various leaf types. Classic funeral arrangements are often Tear drop or oval-shaped flower arrangements, without too many additional materials. A generously designed classic funeral spray is also very suitable as a coffin covering.

Design your own funeral spray arrangement

Design a funeral arrangement by Style, price, colors and flowers of your wishes.

(The arrangement shown is in the price range of € 275.00)

Funeral Spray oval-shape 'Full of life

Keep love alive with this style of brightly colored soft colors.

Compiled with care and attention by the Local Fleurop Florist

Funeral flowers 'Stylized'

Sunflowers, Roses, Snapdragon

Funeral spray 'Gloriosa'

This product is dependent upon availability of certain types of flowers

Funeral Spray 'Exotic Anthurium'

Composition: Anthurium, Roses, Protea, Heleconia and green Foliage

Funeral spray 'Dynamic'

Composition: Calla, Orchids, Hydrangea, Gloriosa and green foliage

Funeral spray oval 'White heaven'

Composition: White roses, Gerbera, Snapdragon, Gypsophylla and greens

Funeral spray 'Oval white Flowers'

Rose, gerbera, Lisianthus, Anthirrinum (replaceable), Greens/Foliage

Funeral Spray 'Oval classic'

Composition: Calla. Eustoma, Aconithum, Asclepias and green foliage

Funeral spray 'Flowers of the season'

The combination of flowers will change with the season

Funeral spray 'Exotic orange'

Assorted of Tropical orange colored flowers

Funeral flowers 'Familia'

Different variety of flowers possible

Funeral Spray 'Silence words'

Sometimes silence is all that's left to feel soft tender love. This pink style translates this moment

Funeral Spray teardrop 'Wonderful beauty'

How tough a goodbye can be, this style makes it dignified and wonderfully beautiful.

Funeral spray - Teardrop 'Embrace Me'

The powerful colors of this atmosphere translate the power of a supportive embrace

Funeral Teardrop Spray 'Emotional close'

Emotions are allowed. This combined rose style keeps the Emotional feeling close.

Funeral Spray arrangement 'Bundled emotions'

Emotions bundled together in this arrangement are allowed to show.

Funeral spray 'Eternal Nature'

This arrangement is made of 100% natural materials and will blend in with the eternal nature.

Funeral spray 'Silence Landscape'

Look out over a Silence landscape with the combination of these flowers in soft pastel tones.

Funeral Spray arrangement 'Eternal light'

This teardrop-shaped funeral arrangement is made with a combination of purple, yellow and white flowers.

Funeral spray arrangement 'white roses teardrop'

Drop-shaped funeral spray white roses. White flower arrangement in drop shape decorated with white roses.

Funeral spray 'Mixed white oval'

Composition: Lillium, Euphorbia, Roses, Snapdragon and green foliage.

Funeral arrangement Oval 'Red Roses'

A love full of mourning flower arrangement in an oval shape, for a partial covering of the funeral box.

Funeral spray arrangement 'Teardrop of White roses'

There is no better representation of your grief with flowers.

Funeral arrangement in oval style

Orchids, Roses, Chrysanthemum, Nerine, and Snapdragon

Funeral arrangement oval 'Pink'

Rose, germini, Asclepias, waxflower (replaceable), Greens/Foliage

Funeral arrangement Oval 'Bright & Colorful'

A colorful hue of seasonal flowers express your compassion in this funeral flower arrangement.

Funeral spray arrangement 'Special'

There is no better way to express with flowers that he / she was a special person

Funeral spray arrangement 'Colourful'

A summery look for a colorful and vibrant personality.

Funeral spray arrangement 'White elegance'

Composition: White Orchids, White Roses, eucalyptus and an assortment of green foliage

Funeral spray arrangement 'Warm red'

Elongated funeral spray red hues
Red roses, lilies, germini and other flowers

Funeral spray oval 'Stylistic pink'.

Light pink orchid and rose are surrounded by the soft, green asparagus in this beautiful arrangement.

Funeral arrangement 'Hidden presence'

This atmosphere conveys a permanent hidden presence

Funeral arrangement 'Endless'

This style characterizes the soft tender love that remains infinitely large.