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An oval-shaped mourning piece for a funeral or funeral has a combination of classic and modern techniques when tying the flowers. It is popular for the way the flowers are arranged compactly yet airy. This binding style can be made compact in a classic way, but also in a more modern way with the so-called plucking style, which makes the funeral piece look more contemporary. Available sizes range from 50 to 100 cm.

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Choosing a suitable mourning piece for a funeral, funeral or cremation can be a difficult task. It is crucial to select an arrangement that reflects the personality and style of the deceased while providing comfort to grieving family and friends. An oval funeral wreath is a beautiful choice that is both classic and modern, accentuating the beauty of the flowers.

The oval shape is a popular technique for mourning pieces because of its versatility and grace. The piece can be composed in a compact, classic style or in a more light-hearted and modern picking style. Both styles emphasize the natural beauty of the flowers and create a graceful and peaceful tribute to the deceased.

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An oval mourning piece can be used in various ways during a funeral, funeral or cremation. It can be placed on top of the box as the centerpiece or placed next to the box as an additional tribute. The piece can also be used to decorate an altar or to beautify the surroundings during the wake or funeral.

The available dimensions of oval mourning pieces vary from 50 to 100 cm, so that a suitable size is available for every occasion. The flowers are placed in moist floral foam to extend their shelf life and preserve their beauty.

When selecting flowers for an oval funeral arrangement, it is important to consider the colors and types of flowers used. White and pastel colors are common choices for mourning pieces because of their calming and peaceful appeal. Roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations and gerberas are common flowers used in oval funeral wreaths for their symbolic meaning and beauty.

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Ordering an oval funeral arrangement at Uitvaartbloemen.com is simple and safe. It is possible to add personal messages and condolences to the funeral piece to make it even more personal. The Uitvaartbloemen.com team ensures that the funeral arrangement is delivered to the right location on time, so that it can be used as a beautiful and respectful tribute to the deceased on the day of the funeral, funeral or cremation.