Funeral flowers and character

Say goodbye. Whatever the circumstances, it's tough and often incomprehensible. How do you say goodbye to someone for good when you don't want to? The Funeral florist helps you choose a suitable funeral arrangement.

Modest Funeral Flowers

You didn't like to be at the forefront. Absolutely no hassle for you. You were someone who was easily satisfied with very small things and enjoyed them in silence. A beautiful and above all modest person.

Colorful Funeral flowers

It couldn't be colorful enough for you. That's how you lived your whole life. Full of exuberance and full of joy. You were a true bon vivant who brought a lot of color to everything you encountered.

Natural funeral flowers

You loved nature infinitely. In all its splendor. Outside, that's where you most wanted to be. That's where you felt most at ease. That is why you often bring the outside in with flowers and plants. A true natural person pur sang.

Romantic funeral flowers

You surrounded yourself with love, coziness. You preferred classic styles. A romantic type, someone full of love and attention.

Youthful funeral flowers

You were young. In age or in spirit. That youthfulness shaped your life and defined who you were. Forever Young.

Sympathy Flowers

During a sad period, sending condolence flowers to the bereaved, also known as sympathy bouquet or comfort bouquet, is a kind way to let them know that your thoughts are with them.

Funeral Flower Styles

Funeral flowers These are available in various binding forms such as: Funeral bouquet, Biedermeier, funeral wreath or coffin covering. Here you will find an explanation of the possibilities.

How do you order funeral flowers?

Not everything from the range of our funeral flowers is shown in the total product overview. Our Funeral Home is divided on the basis of five characters: Modest, Colorful, Romantic, Natural and Youthful.

Funeral flower arrangements

The characters are divided into styles. For example, the character Modest has the following styles: Farewell, Silence, Farewell, Grateful and Remembrance. Of the relevant styles, 2 or 3 binding shapes are shown in the product overview.

Funeral flower arrangements binding shapes

Binding shape is the way in which the funeral bouquet or funeral flower arrangement is tied:

  • Funeral bouquet
  • Funeral bouquet in vase
  • Biedermeier
  • Oval
  • Drop
  • Half or full box cover
  • Funeral wreath, cross or heart-shaped funeral arrangement