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A funeral bouquet is a special bouquet for a funeral or cremation to pay tribute to the deceased. It is one of the most common types of funeral arrangements used at a funeral and can be delivered to the cemetery, church or funeral venue.

Funeral bouquet order and send

Saying goodbye to a loved one can get an extra dimension by having a suitable arrangement of funeral flowers put together by our local Fleurop Florist. A beautiful bouquet or arrangement and even a single flower can be of great symbolic value during a mourning ceremony, if it is tailored to the deceased.

You can think of the use of specific shapes, flowers and colors that typify something personal about the deceased, or that suit his or her way of life. Funeral ribbons with an appropriate text and / or the names of the relatives complete the picture.

Types of flowers

Nowadays the use of specific funeral flowers such as lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, arum lilies, callas or roses is no longer as mandatory as it used to be. It is much more important that the arrangement matches the wishes of the deceased and next of kin than with which flowers this happens.

Types of funeral arrangements

There is a wide range of possibilities for flower arrangements for a farewell, both in terms of design and price. Funeral arrangements or funeral branches, Biedermeiers, flower arrangements, bound bouquets, coffin coverings and wreaths are the most famous types. Wreaths are often very popular for the symbolism of infinity emphasized by the circular shape.

Want a special funeral arrangement in a special shape such as heart, pillow, a cross or an anchor. These represent a special symbolism or, on the contrary, emphasize the character or lifestyle of the deceased.


What was said above about the use of specific flower types, also applies to the colors of the funeral bouquet. Nowadays, a little less than in the past, the need is felt to use a certain color, and with it to express something symbolically, but of course one can still choose to do so.

However, colors and their meaning often differ per culture and country, so it can be difficult to make the right choice.

The following symbolic meanings are possible:

Blue divinity, infinity and innocence and fidelity

Brown poverty and humility, color of the earth

Yellow light and sun

Green hope, growth, life and future

Purple mourning, penance and modesty

Red love, suffering and sacrifice

Pink sweetness and softness

White truth and purity


Saying goodbye and honoring the dead with flowers was already known 4000 years ago. The oldest funeral arrangements in the world have been discovered in the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Floral wreaths or leaf wreaths were often placed on the head of the deceased. Waving palm branches as a sign of victory eventually resulted in the now well-known funeral branch.

Remembrance flowers

After a farewell, many people feel the need to give remembrance flowers to the next of kin in the following years. The relatives themselves like to place memorial flowers on the grave or near the urn. As with funeral flowers, this can happen in all kinds of variations, but the intentions are the same, to commemorate the deceased. Placing the tombstone or adding the urn are very special and intimate moments that are often accompanied by flower arrangements.